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Betul is located in southern parts of Madhya Pradesh,India and covers 193 km2 (75 sq mi)  the whole width of the satpura range between the valley of the narmada on the north and the bearer plains on the south. The district is situated at 21.92°N 77.9°E, near the geographical centre point of  India. Betul  bound on the North by Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, on the South by Amravati District of Maharashtra, on the east by Chhindwara District and on the West by the Hoshangabad, East Nimar and Amarawati. Betul was formerly known as Badnur. It has a total of 8 Tehsils in this district.

There are 10 towns and 1,399 villages in this district. A Postal Index Number or PIN code is a code in the post office numbering or post code system used by India Post for Betul district is 460001. The most spoken Language in Betul district is Hindi. In this article we have provided you with all the important information related to Betul district, Madhya Pradesh history, its famous places for sightseeing and the local things for which it is famous in the entire nation. It is advised to all the travel lovers to read the article completely to know more about this place.

Betul Madhya Pradesh Glimpse

Betul district of Madhya Pradesh is divided into following tehsils Bhainsdehi, Athner, Chicholi, Betul Shahpur, Multai, Ghoradongri and Bordehi. Betul district is rich in flora and fauna. Large amounts of commercially important and many medicinal plants are also found in the dense forest regions of Betul. The major  flowing water bodies  in the district are the Ganjal River, Morand River and the Tawa River, tributaries of the Narmada River. Moreover, the Tapti river originates from the Betul district. All the travel Junkies must read this article given below completely regarding this beautiful place Betul in the Heart of Madhya Pradesh.

History Of Betul, Madhya Pradesh

Betul was the centre of the first of the four ancient Gond kingdoms of Kherla, Deogarh, Garha-Mandla and Chanda-Sirpur.A century later the malwa kingdom engulfed the superiority of the ruler of Delhi. In 1703 a Muslim convert of the Gond tribe held the country,In 1743 Raghoji Bhonsle, the Maratha ruler of Berar took over it to his supremacy.In the year 1818 the Marathas gave up this district to the East India Company as payment for a contingent, and by the treaty of 1826 it was included in the British hands.Betul district was also became the part of the Nerbudda (Narmada) Division of the Central Provinces and Berar, which later became the state of indepedent India known as Madya Predesh in year 1947.

Famous Things in Betul, MP 

Tigariya Kala:It is the famous metal craft Betul district in Madhya Pradesh done by the filling method or the ancient cire-perdue technique.This casting method of making different  utility items is mostly practised by Turi and  Bharevas.. Many handicraft activities are going on in the village Tigriya near Betul. Beautiful art pieces are being made in, Dhokra craft, Zardozi, wooden crafts etc.Dhokra metal craft which is also known as Bharai Kaam here. Workshops are often organised for handicraft lovers.

Betul MP Places to Visit

Major Attractions in Betul District of Madhya Pradesh

  • Balaji Puram  

It is a religious place, a famous huge temple.Every year on Vasant Panchami a big fair is arranged here and a large number of devotees visit to worship.This religious site is dedicated to Lord Balaji,

the temple is also known as the 5th dham of India.It is located at National Highway 19B, Balajipuram, Betul Bazar, Madhya Pradesh 460004.The temple managing  authorities  provides free accommodation and other basic facilities to the pilgrims.Moreover Free bus facility is provided, to and fro to the railway station and bus stand. Betul Bazaar can be reached via Betul, which is situated on National Highway 69.

Balaji Puram  
  • Tapti Udgam

According to hindu religious belief, goddess Tapti is known as Suryaputri and Saturn’s sister therefore the people who are troubled by Saturn get relief from Tapti. Tapti all the heat stroke gives everyone the power of her life, with admiration it is also called Tapti Ganga.

The river Tatpti, in the town of Multai, is the place of origin of River Tapti, which flows westwards and drains in the sea near Surat, Gujarat. It is on Nagpur-Bhopal National Highway, 50 km from the district headquarter of Betul.The immersion of the deceased persons is also done in this holy river.

Tapti Udgam
  • Salbardi

It is located under the Village Panchayat Salvadan of Vikaschhna Prabhatapatan of Betul district. Tahsil Mulatai of the Salvardi Ballet and hill near Morsi of Amravati district of Maharashtra.It is a very beautiful picnic spot and religious place where the cave of Lord Shiva . Ideal season to go to Salbardi is winter.Pilgrimage generally goes there during the fair which is organised every year on Shivratri. Millions of devotees visit here every day in this fair, which lasts for a week. Salbardi is on the border between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

There is also an ancient Shiv temple in Dongar yawali 8 km from Salbardi.

  • Kukru

It is one of the hidden gems of Betul district. Kukru is an attractive village in Betul District situated in the range of Satpura, the tiny hill station offers its visitors eternal tranquility and peace. Kukru is a natural site covered with  forests from all four sides. It is famous for its abode of beautiful birds ,as this site attracts different migratory birds. Tourist can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna which are surely going to mesmerize your memory for years to come.

  • Muktagiri

It is a Jain temple located on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in India. In order to reach the temple complex one has to take 600 stairs.It is surrounded by 52 Jain temples, the oldest one of which is a cave. However main temples are the first, tenth, 26th and 40th. This religious site also has a dharamshala equipped with all modern facilities and Bhojanalaya to offer food to devotees. The fair is organised on the occasion of Diwali. Many Jain legends believe that many miracles have happened here and  Some religious texts state that many saints have attained  ultimate peace and salvation at Muktagiri.

  • Kherla Fort

It belonged to  the Gond Dynasty who wanted to rule the central part of ancient India. However now this fort is not in good condition, still the architecture of fort  is an example of power and a symbol of the gond dynasty.

Kherla Fort

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