Bigg Boss 16 Eliminations, BB16 Contestants List, Weekly Nominations

Bigg Boss 16 Elimination List 2022 this week can be checked with BB16 Contestants List on Bigg Boss 16 is a famous and equally controversial TV Reality show streaming on the Colors Channel and OTT Platforms like Voot. The Bigg Boss Season 16 started on October 1, 2022 and the popularity and the curiosity regarding the Bigg Boss 16 House Theme, Contestants List, New Twists and Turns that the show is about to bring is off-charts. The Indian audience waits for this show to start broadcasting every year and the craze for the BB16 Show is like no other.

The Bigg Boss 16 is 24hr reality show and the sizzling, masala and jaw-dropping drama is showcased in the form of an episode at 10:00 PM on the weekdays i.e from Monday to Friday and on weekends which is Saturday and Sunday it starts at 9:30 PM. The Bigg Boss 16 Host is once again, none other than Salman Khan who adds extra spice to this insanely popular show. The Bigg Boss 16 has started with 16 contestants from different backgrounds namely TV Actors, Singers, Directors, Rappers, Beauty Pageant Winners and many more.

Bigg Boss 16 Eliminations

In the middle of the week, the contestants have been asked to vote out any two players out of 16 who they want to be out of the game. All the contestants have taken two names each, but Tina Dutta, Manya Singh and Soundarya tried to play smart and to seek the sympathy from the fellow BB 16 Contestants and the audience they said ‘sorry’ after nominating the contestants. As always the tables have been turned by the Bigg Boss as he has punished all three of them with the duty of doing all the household chores all by themselves so that they can put their over smartness into their pockets.

For the Bigg Boss 16 Eliminations for the Week-1, six players are being nominated, naming MC Stan, Sajid Khan, Gautam Vig, Gori Nagori and Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam. The Audience will vote for them throughout the week and the one who will get the least numbers of votes by the audience will be evicted on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode showcasing on 9:30 PM, Saturday on Colors Channel.

Bigg Boss 16 Elimination List 2022

Earlier in the last season of the Bigg Boss the theme of the house was jungle and cages were built all around the house and the participants were put in the cage as a punishment for their actions. But this year, the creative works have outstripped their work and made the theme of a Circus this year as the Bigg Boss 16 House Theme. The theme is appropriate and goes well with the Bigg Boss 16 Tagline stating “ Ab Bigg Boss Khud Khelenge.” The players are given commands by the Bigg Boss himself and they have to complete the tasks given each one of them in order to stay in the game and gather some votes and popularity from the audience of India.

The Bigg Boss 16 House is all equipped with a top class facilities to cater the needs of the contestants and rather than just one common room for all this years the Designing Team has made 4 bedrooms with different themes: black and white, one with cards and masquerade on the wall, one with check wall and the other one with beige walls and mirror all around the walls.

Bigg Boss 16 Contestants List (Weekend Ka War)

Name of the BB16 ParticipantsProfession of the PlayerCurrent Position of the Contestant
Abdu RozikTajik Singer and World’s Smallest Singer Title HolderSafe
Nimrit Kaur AhluwaliaFemina Miss India 2018 Pageant WinnerCaptain For The Week
Ankit GuptaDaily Soap T.V. ActorSafe
MC StanRapperNominated
Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary Model, TV ActressSafe
Archana GautamMiss UP, ModelNominated
Soundarya SharmaFormer Dentist, ActorSafe
Gautam Singh VigT.V. ActorNominated
Shalin BhanotT.V. ActorSafe
Sumbul Touqeer KhanT.V. Lead ActorSafe
Shiv ThakareWinner of BB Marathi S2Nominated
Manya SinghFemina Miss India 2015 Pageant WinnerSafe
Tina DuttaTV Actress Safe
Sajid KhanDirector and Film-MakerNominated
Sreejita DeT.V. ActressSafe
Gori NagoriKnown As Sharkira Of Haryana, DancerSafe

BB 16 Weekly Eliminations

The Bigg Boss 16 Weekly Eliminations take place on the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ segment of the show. World renowned actor Salman Khan hosts the episode and makes it a must-watch for everyone. Each week one player is evicted out of the show who gets the least amount of votes from the public. The participants who engage in any kind of violence and break any rule of the BB 16 House can be eliminated on the spot by the Bigg Boss 16 Team. All the contestants have to be entertaining and engaging with the audience with their best performances every week to stay in the game for a long run. The participants have to abide by all the rules and regulations and perform the tasks with utmost dedication to gain popularity and win the hearts of the audience. 

Note: All the viewers can have a look of the Bigg Boss 16 Nominated Contestants in the table above given in a brief format and make sure to watch the episode so that you don’t miss anything exciting.

BIGG BOSS 16 Weekly Eliminations

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Bigg Boss 16 Voting Poll

There are a lot of Bigg Boss 16 Voting Poll running all around the internet. The audience likes to poll online and predict the eviction of the nominated players for the week. Most of the time, the prediction turns out to be true as the decision is solely in the hands of the public. If the player played well throughout the week and entrainted the audience with good quality of content it is highly likely that the contestant will be safe for the week and will continue their journey in the BB16 House. The BB16 Voting Poll is running on many social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and many more. The people like to make predictions and guesses around the buzzing news of First Bigg Boss 16 Elimination Today.  

Bigg Boss 16: First Elimination Today

The Bigg Boss 16 Elimination First Round Today also known as the Weekend Ka Vaar is showcasing at 9:30 PM on Colors Channel. The player who will get the least number of votes from the audience worldwide will be evicted. Bigg Boss has assigned some tasks in the Week-1 to some players such as Gori Nagori to give a sizzling dance performance and make the fellow contestants come up on the stage and join her. With an electrifying performance everyone was star struck by the dance of Gori and joined her on the dance floor. By this she completed her task and saved herself from the nomination. The BB16 Nominated Contestants are:

  •  Archana Gautam
  • Gautam Vig 
  • MC Stan 
  • Shiv Thakare 
  • Sajid Khan

BB 16 Procedure To Vote On Voot

All you have to do is just follow the steps to vote for your favourite Bigg Boss 16 Contestant by using the Voot Application.

  1. First of All, Download the Voot Application on your Android or Apple Smartphone, Tablet.
  2. Secondly, Login on the Voot App by entering the details like your phone number and email Id.
  3. Thirdly, an OTP will be sent to you on your registered mobile number. You have to enter the 6-digit code in the space provided on the screen.
  4. After that, search for Bigg Boss Season 16 in the search bar and click on the desired option.
  5. Lastly, click on the Vote Now button under the picture of the nominated player you want to vote for
  6. Click on the Done and your vote for your favourite BB 16 Contestant will be registered. 

FAQs On Bigg Boss 16 Elimination List 2022

Who is the nominee for the Bigg Boss 16 Week 1 Nomination?

The participants who are nominated for the eviction this week are: Archana Gautam, Gautam Vig, MC Stan ,Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan.

How to vote for your favourite contestant in BB16?

All you have to do is download the Voot App on your mobile and follow the simple steps given above in the article.

How many players are there in Bigg Boss Season 16?

There are 16 participants in the BB16 House namely Abdu Rozik, MC Stan, Nimrit, Sree, Ankit, Sajid, Shalin, Tina, Gautam and many more.

Who is the youngest participant in the Bigg Boss S16?

Abdu Rozik who is 18 year old, Tazik Singer and Boxer, famously known to be the smallest singer in the entire world. 

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