Google Bard vs ChatGPT: Features, How to Use, Bard Login

Google bard is the chatbot which is launched under Artificial Intelligence just like ChatGPT. The new AI has taken the world by storm with the work it does. They both stimulate the conversations with the human and help to provide responses to the questions one might ask. Frequently asked queries are like what are the Features of ChatGPT and Features of Google Bard. People also raise queries related to How to Login Chat GPT, How to Login Google Bard. so in this post we have provided details on How to Use ChatGPT, How to use Google Bard, Comparison between Google Bard and Chat GPT. All the queries regarding both the AI have been mentioned in the post below alongwith Google Bard Vs ChatGPT Comparison.

Google Bard Vs ChatGPT

The latest technology Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer commonly known as the ChatGPT has taken the world to storm as soon as it launched. It is the AI language based model which is developed by the Startup OpenAI in San Francisco. The ChatGPT chatbot can be used free of cost by the users but as of now it can be used only on the web browsers. There is no application available for the same on Android or iPhone smartphones. To get the benefits of ChatGPT users have to visit its official website which is on their browsers. Being based on the large language model it is capable of understanding the human language. After being released in November 2022, it has gained a lot of popularity in the business world as it is available free of cost. If we compare Google Bard Vs ChatGPT then there are lot of differences which are discussed briefly here.

Google Bard on the other side is the new chatbot which is launched under Artificial Intelligence. Google Bard has been under development for a lot of years and it uses the language Model for Dialogue Applications. It was released in February 2023 having the same functions as ChatGPT. It uses the same language model, GPT-3, the model which ChatGPT uses. Bard uses the date from the internet and provides the responses to the customers in simple language. Bard is used currently in the Beta testing. It helps in doing tasks like planning a vacation, meal planning, finding some reservations etc.

Google Bard Features

Google Bard which was released just a few days ago is doing the same work as Chat GPT. It too works on GPT 3 just like ChatGPT. Make sure you check all the Google Bard Features. It usually generates the text, translates the text, answers questions and performs many other tasks. Usually bard is used to provide the answers to questions in a simple way rather than the exact search engine results.

Software Name Google Bard 
Developed By Google
Initial Release date February 2023
Type of Software Chatbot
Language Uses Language Model for Dialogue Applications 
AI Model GPT 3
Post Type News 

ChatGPT Features

ChatGPT is now made available to the users on the web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and others. To know about the ChatGPT Features refer to the below tabular form. The users can visit the table below to know about the necessary details regarding the new AI.

Software Name Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 
Developed By Open AI
Developed In San Francisco
Initial Release date November 2022
Stable Release date January 2023
ChatGPT FeaturesAnswer within Minutes, Constructive Answers, Conversational Method of answers
Type of Software Chatbot
License Proprietary 
Post Type Tech 
Official Website
Google Bard vs ChatGPT: Features, How to Use, Login

ChatGPT Login

The users who want to use the AI ChatGPT needs to visit the initial website to get the benefit from it. The mobile application version for this AI has yet not been released and it is expected that it will be released soon. To do ChatGPT Login, the users have to open the website on the web browser only on any device and can sign up on the website to be able to use the GPT 3 AI. In order do Login @, you need to use the Email ID and Mobile Number on the official website and then you can raise queries. After that Answer will be delivered in the screen.

Google Bard Login

The Google Bard Login has not been made available to the public. The CEO has said that Google Bard will be made available to use in the coming weeks publicly. There is no confirmation on how to make the access to Google Bard. The ones who are keeping up with the latest news shall wait till the news on how to use the Google Bard is out. However, some people have got chance to use the Google Bard Beta Version in the Google App. You can also check that whether Google Bard is active on your Mobile or not by opening Google App and there you will see the chatbot option. Here you have to type the question and answer will be given by Google Bard.

How to Use ChatGPT Signup & Login

The ones who want to use the AI Chatbot have to follow the steps on How to Use ChatGPT, the latest technology. In the below mentioned data we have provided the simple steps on how one can use the ChatGPT software.

  • Firstly users need to open the website on their smartphone or laptop’s web browser.
  • Secondly, click on the Try ChatGPT tab appearing on the top of the screen.
  • Being a new user you have to create a new account using the phone number or email id.
  • Later on click on the signup option given to login using the credentials provided during the creation of account.
  • Then using the same login credentials you need to get the account verified first by getting the OTP on the registered mobile number or email id. 
  • Once your account is verified, you can further proceed to provide information asked from you.
  • Now you can use the features of ChatGPT which is free of cost.
  • Through the above said steps, one can easily use the ChatGPT.

Comparison between AI: Google Bard and ChatGPT

Since both Google Bard and ChatGPT are the AI which uses the GPT 3 still comparisons can be made for both of them. You can go through the following Comparison between AI: Google Bard and ChatGPT.

  • Bard will provide the up to date  information from all the sources that are available on the internet. ChatGPT provides only the limited information to the events through 2021.
  • Google Bard provides a huge amount of Data whereas ChatGPT’s data is limited by Microsoft.
  • Google Bard helps to solve the problems by converting the difficult topics to a simple language whereas ChatGPT generates the context into a text.
  • ChatGPT usually makes facts and stories whereas Google Bard provides more accurate data to the users.
  • Bard AI provides more benefit to the users as it provides all the data of Google whereas Google Bard provides only the limited data to the users.
  • ChatGPT is available to the users free of cost but Bard AI is not yet made publicly available.

ChatGPT Signup & Login Links


Doubts on Google Bard vs ChatGPT

Which out of ChatGPT or Google Bard is made available publicly?

The ChatGPT is made available to the users free of cost while Google Bard is yet not made available for use.

Which out of the two Chat GPT or Google Bard provides an accurate date?

Google Bard provides a more accurate date rather than Chat GPT which is limited to data of 2021.

Is Google Bard made available for use?

No, Google Bard is yet not made available to use.

When was Google Bard launched?

Google Bard was launched in February 2023 but it is not made available for public use. 

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