Rewa MP- Pin Code, History, Must Visit Places, Famous For

Rewa city is situated in the Madhya Pradesh district and in its north-western part is one of the main administrative centres of the MP Administration System. The Rewa city covers a total area of 125 km and is surrounded by many beautiful attractions. The city is located nearby the Kaimur Hills along with that the famous Vindhyachal Ranges goes through the exact centre of the city which indeed attracts a massive numbers of travellers from all around the nation. The Pin Code of the Rewa city is 486001, 486002 and 486003 respectively. The Rewa city is under the governance of the Rewa Municipal Corporation which makes sures that the city is neat and clean. The Rewa city is well equipped with all the basic necessities such as well paved roads, good healthcare facilities, clean and green environment. In this article we have mentioned all must visit places, history and the things it is famous for. To know more about Rewa read the complete article given below.

Rewa, Madhya Pradesh- History

The Rewa city is situated around 430 kms from Bhopal and 240 kms from Jabalpur. Rewa city is known to be founded by one of the famous rulers in India which is Raja Vikramaditya Singh. The city has 8th rank in terms of most populated in Madhya Pradesh state. The most commonly spoken language in the city is Hindi and English. The Rewa city comprises around 2.5 lakh plus population and bags the rank of 22nd in the whole wide nation in terms of growth and development. The Rewa city is the home to World’s First Ever Found White Tiger and Betel Nut Toys. The city is well connected to nearby and far places. The Rewa city is also a habitat to many tribal communities like Kol Tribes. To know more about this magnificent city read the complete article given below.

Rewa, Madhya Pradesh: Pin Code

Name of the CityRewa
StateMadhya Pradesh
Governing BodyRewa Municipal Corporation
Total Area Covered150 kms
Total Population in Rewa2.5 Lakhs Plus
Most Common Spoken Language in RewaHindi, English
Pin Code of Rewa486001,486002,486002
Vehicle Registration Code of RewaMP 17
Telephone Code of Rewa07662

Note: To know more about Rewa you must visit places one can go to the official web portal m mentioned above in the table which is Rewa District offers you many places which you can visit like Waterfalls, Lakes and more. Make sure you get pictures of all the beautiful places and see the beauty of the district.

REWA MP Famous Places

Ancient History of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

In today’s time, Rewa city is a part of Baghelkhand part of the state which was earlier extended from Prayagraj in the North which moves across Ratanpur District in the South and Jabalpur District in the West and Surajpur District in the East direction. The city was established by a ruler named Bhimaldev in 1236 CE who were originally known as Chalukyas of Gujarat. The city was earlier known to be ruled by the Lodhi and Sengar Chieftains of the Rajgond Kingdom. In 1605 CE, King Vikramjit Singh Aditya made Rewa city the capital of the state. Lateron, the city was captured and ruled by Mughals and Tansen along with Birbal were in council of the ministers. Baghel constructed Gobindgarh Fort in the city over the Gobindgarh lake. The place is mainly known for its massive variety of mangoes. King Martland was the last Baghela ruler till India gained Independence in 1947.

Rewa, MP: Famous For

This city is blessed with natural beauty and serenity all around. The Rewa City has beautiful views from the mountains and is filled with lush green lawns which are captivating. The Place is known for its famous White Tiger Zoo and Safari which is known to be home to the white tigers in India. The city is known for its beautiful and magnificent monuments which attracts a massive number of tourists from all over the world. Additionally, the city is also known for its massive varieties of mangoes. It has a great variety of dishes which are famous throughout India such as indrahar, kadhi, bagza, kusuli, daal poori, nimona, sattu and mahua poori. 

How to Reach Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

Rewa is well connected to all the neighbouring and far away places from well paved roads, rail and air. The Rewa Railways Station is well linked to all the districts in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. There is Rewa Airport which is situated around 130 Kms away from the district and provides connecting flights to all the major metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and many more. The other nearby airports are Chordata Airport Rewa, Khajuraho, Jabalpur and Varanasi.

Must Visit Tourist Places in Rewa

  • Piyavan, Ghanounchi Dham: 

This place can be enjoyed thoroughly in the months from July to September. The place is famous for its natural beauty which is illuminated 200 feet below the earth’s surface and 800 feet wide.

  • Purwa Waterfall:

 This waterfall is a must watch as it has a large amount of water falling from 200 feet. The flow of water is intense with a massive volume. In the rainy season is the best time to visit the waterfall as the amount of water is maximum at that time of the year.

Purwa Waterfall Rewa MP
  • White Tiger Safari:

A white tiger was found in the jungles of Bargadi which was later on taken to the Govindgarh Palace. Now the progeny of the same white tiger lives in the palace. The safari experience is quite exhilarating and thrilling. It is a must visit for all the adrenaline junkies.

White Tiger Safari Rewa MP
  • Rani Talab:

It is one of the ancient waterfalls which is present in Rewa. The Rani Talab is located in the southern part of Rewa. The water from the falls is used for many purposes such as cultivation, irrigation and fisheries.

Rani Talab Rewa MP
  • Deur Kothar:

It is an archeological site which is one of ancient Buddhist Stupa which was found in the year 1982. It is thought that these stupas are 2000 years old and was in possession of the Ashoka dynasty.

  • Rewa Fort:

This is a must visit place and there are two rivers that flow behind the fort. The tourists can stay in this place and main attractions to this place are the canon, royal silver throne, museum hall, chandelier, arms gallery and the white tiger gallery.

Rewa Fort
  • Govindgarh Palace and Lake:

The palace is the most visited place by tourists which is a summer capital of Maharaja of Rewa. The palace is now under the power of the Indore Residency. It was the First Princely State in India and 2nd largest in size.

Govindgarh Palace and Lake Rewa MP

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