Sagar MP Pin Code, History, Famous For, Tourist Places

From Many Ages, Madhya Pradesh has been the Heart of India and the most prestigious city in this State is Sagar. It is known for its Sagar Lake and Beautiful mesmerizing City Life over there. Now If you are planning to Move to Sagar MP or Going for tourism purpose, then you must have a look at this article. Along with outsiders, natives of Sagar in Madhya Pradesh will find the best information here. We have covered all the features over here like Sagar MP Pin Code, History of Sagar Madhya Pradesh and Temples in Sagar Madhya Pradesh. You should know that Official Website of Sagar MP is and all of you should visit over there for any help from the Administration of Sagar District.

Sagar MP

The Home for more than 5 Lakh Citizens, Sagar adjoins Madhya Pradesh with its Rich History and other landmarks. You can find a lot of Temples in MP but some of the oldest temples are still in Sagar, MP dating back to 1106 AD. Now all of you must be enthusiastic about the famous places to visit in Sagar District so we have a list of all them in the sections following from here. Visitors must know about Sagar Lake which is centered in the City and increases its beauty many times. This is the only district with the highest literacy Rate in the State counting up to more than 85%.

History of Sagar MP

सागर शहर का इतिहास हमे काफी सो साल पीछे लेजाता है जहाँ छेदी किंगडम की राजधानी होता है ये शहर| पुरातन समय से ही सागर शहर की बहुत मह्तवत्ता है जैसे की गढ़पहरा मंदिर यहाँ सबसे पुराण मंदिर है| इस शहर में पेशवास का राज हुआ करता था और शुरू से ही इस शहर को खूबसूरती के हिसाब से सबसे सुन्दर मन जाता है| आज की बात करे तो यहाँ पर लगभग ५ लाख की आबादी है जिसमे से दो ढाई लाख मर्द होंगे और बाकी औरतें| डॉ हरी सिंह गौर ने सागर यूनिवर्सिटी की स्थापना आज से लगभग  ७५ साल पहले करवाई थी जो की सागर शहर की सबसे जनि मणि विश्वविद्यालयों में से एक मानी जाती है| सागर शहर की रख रखाव के लिए सागर म्युनिसिपल कारपोरेशन का गठन भी किया गया जो की आज तक इसकी मेंटेनेंस की जिम्मेवारी लेती है|

Sagar MP is Famous For

  • The Sagar District comes up with very nice architecture and all the antique Buildings and Mandirs over here have mesmerizing architecture.
  • Famous Sagar Lake is also situated here which adds many stars to the beauty of the city.
  • Gadpehra Mandir is the oldest temple in Sagar City.
  • Nauradehi Sanctuary can give your Glimpses of tiger as it is a reserve  for this species.
  • Rahat Waterfall is also a famous landmark in the City.

Sagar MP Wikipedia in Hindi

राज्य मध्य प्रदेश
स्थापना 1022 AD
सिटी टाइप मेट्रो
जनसँख्या लगभग 5 लाख
Local LanguageHindi
Distance From Bhopal60 Kms
Mode of AccessTrain, Bus, by Car and By Air
Known UniversitySagar University now known as Dr Hari Singh Gaur University
Article CategoryDistricts
Official Website 
Services available on District PortalCaste Certificate, Domicile and Other Forms

Main and Important Points related to Sagar MP Wikipedia in Hindi are covered in this table. If you are thinking of visiting this city then kindly see the Famous Places to visit in Sagar Madhya Pradesh and visit over there. Important Phone Numbers of Sagar Administration are covered in this section below.

Sagar, MP Pin Code, History, Famous For, Tourist Places

Sagar MP Telephone Directory

PersonContact Name
CM Helpline181
Women helpline1091
Fire Services101
Road Accident1072
Child Helpline1098
Farmer Helpline1551

Sagar MP PIN Code

Name of Block or DivisionPin Code

How to Reach Sagar Madhya Pradesh

There are three major ways to Reach Sagar District in Madhya Pradesh. We have explained each of them below. So please give a look at each of them below in order to know how to reach there without any hassle.

  • By Air- The nearest airport to Sagar District is Bhopal airport.
  • By Bus- you can take a bus From bhopal District and then reach sagar after the journey of 2-3 Hours.
  • By Train- Major Trains from all over India go through Sagar District and always have a stop over here.

Things to Do in Sagar Madhya Pradesh

  • Firstly, you can visit Sagar Lake and then get good pictures over there.
  • Khimlasa Fort is also the oldest architecture in Madhya Pradesh.
  • You can also see a Nauradehi Tiger Reserve in Sagar District.
  • Moreover, Lakha Banjara Lake can also be visited by Visitors as it is very beautiful.
  • Famous Delicacies can also be eaten by tourists in various Restaurants of Sagar.

E District MP

Sagar E

Questions Related to Sagar District

How far is Sagar from Bhopal?

Sagar Distance from Bhopal is 60 Kms.

What is the Sagar MP Pin Code?

Pin Code of Sagar Madhya Pradesh is 470001.

What is Sagar MP Famous For?

Sagar is Famous for Many Lakes and Old Temples in its administration.

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