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DPRMP Jansampark

The Department of Public Relations under Government of Madhya Pradesh is responsible to intimate citizens about the latest State Government Welfare Schemes and other things which the Government does for Public Benefit. Now the MP Government has its own Portal which is called mpinfo.org and all the Information related to Government decisions on a daily basis is given over there. We are also here to give you information regarding DPRMP Jansampark Portal and its benefits which you have to know in order to gain knowledge regarding working of the Government. This portal gives you daily updates regarding the Government decisions today and also about those which are being planned. Citizens should do DPR Advt Login to know about the latest advertisements of the Government and also people who bid for tenders of Advertisements can visit this portal.

DPRMP Jansampark


Department NameDepartment of Public Relations
State NameMadhya Pradesh
PurposeTo Provide Government Decision Details to Public
Controlled byState Government
Operated byGovernment Officials
DPR Login MethodOnline @ mpinfo.org
Details required to LoginUsername and Password
Benefit of PortalAdvertisement of Government Schemes
How to UseVisit mpinfo.org

So for the ease of Citizens every Government has its own Department of Public Relations through which they usually tell about the working of government, daily decisions and similar other things. Many people might have noticed the publications in newspapers, Hoardings in Urban Areas showing Works of government during the tenure and other similar things, so all of these things are done by DPRMP. Moreover, Schedule of the MP Chief Minister and their meeting details are also organized and conveyed by DPR Madhya Pradesh. CM Shivraj Chauhan has already directed the DPR MP to keep citizens updated with the public welfare schemes that the State Government is running. DPR MP Has offices across all cities in Madhya Pradesh and thousands of State Government Employees work over there to maintain good balance between Public and Government. 

MP Info Jansampark Portal

  • The State of Madhya Pradesh has Jansampark Portal called mpinfo.org where they convey almost all the information to citizens on behalf of the Government.
  • This department is mainly responsible for information delivery and to maintain balance between Government and Citizens.
  • Moreover, Grievances of People are listened to by the MP Jansampark Portal and then they are resolved within stipulated time.
  • Advertisements in Print Media and Social Media are controlled by the Department of Public Relation.
  • As the name of the department suggests, it is very dedicated to work for the benefit of the public and also listens to the suggestions/ problems of normal people in the state.
  • Problems related to Habitat, Society and basic amenities are addressed by DPR MP and then they are resolved by respective Ministers.
  • Continuous Relationship between Citizens and Government is made through the Department of Public Relation, Madhya Pradesh.

DPRMP Today News

If we talk about the latest, DPRMP Today News then you should know that the CM of Madhya Pradesh is holding meetings with all the ministers one by one to review the pending work. Secondly, we have mentioned points below which are briefing you about Daily News DPRMP, so kindly go through them for complete information.

  • Fresh news of today is that CM Shivraj Planted the saplings with NCC Cadets in Smart City Park.
  • Another important news is that CM Of Madhya Pradesh paid Tribute to Late Dr Mukherjee and Anil Madhav Dave on their Anniversary.
  • MP Local Body and Urban Body Elections were compiled on 6th July with more than 62% Voter turnout.
  • MP RTE Admission Applications got over on 5th July 2022 and Lottery Result is expected to come on 14 July 2022.
  • CM Shivraj announced the Shri Ram Museum in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh which will be the center of attraction for tourists.

MP Caste Certificate

If you wish to make a Caste Certificate in Madhya Pradesh then you can collect information from mpinfo.org which is the Official website of MP DPR (Department of Public Relation). This portal is not linked to the official website mentioned above, so you should visit mpinfo.org for complete details related to Madhya Pradesh Caste Certificate process. Overall we can tell you that you need basic documents like an affidavit of your caste to which you belong and an Aadhar Card. Using these two documents, you will be able to get a Caste Certificate in state which can be used further for claiming reservation in Admission or Government Jobs. Apart from this, there is one offline method also to apply for MP Caste Certificate and that is to go to suvidha kendra near you. Over there, you need to submit the requisite documents and then wait for 10-14 Days for the department to issue you caste certificate.

MP Domicile Certificate

  • Domicile Certificate in Madhya Pradesh can be applied through both Online and Offline Mode.
  • Students require this certificate to get admission in State Government Colleges.
  • Basic Documents like proof of residence, Aadhar Card and few more details are required to create an MP Domicile Certificate.
  • You should visit mpinfo.org in order to get an MP Domicile Certificate from the State Government.
  • Apart from this, Offline Mode includes a visit to Suvidha Kendra and then submit a domicile file over there.

How to Use DPRMP Jansampark Portal

  • There are many uses of DPRMP Portal @ mpinfo.org, so you should follow the points below to get best out of it.
  • First use of DPRMP Jansampark Portal is that Media Agencies can book Advertisements of Government.
  • Second use is that this portal makes continuous contact with citizens and delivers information regarding Schemes of Government.
  • Cabinet Decisions which are taken by the Chief Minister are also intimated to citizens through this DPRMP Jansampark Portal.
  • Media Agencies can check their Bills and Advertisement information by doing DPRMP Advt Login.
  • Again we want to inform you that mpinfo.org is the official website of DPR MP and this website is not linked to it in any direct or indirect way.

FAQs About DPRMP Info Portal

What is the major work of DPRMP Portal?

The Madhya Pradesh Department of Public Relation informs citizens about latest government schemes and also manages the Advertisements of all State Government agencies.

Which is the Official Website of DPR MP?

Official Website of Department of Public Relation, Madhya Pradesh is mpinfo.org.

How to Do DPRMP Login?

Media Agencies can login on DPRMP portal @ dpradvt.mpinfo.org and then check the Advertisement Bill Status.

What is the Latest DPRMP News?

Latest News on DPRMP Portal Mpinfo.org is that Home Minister Narottam Mishra is taking part in Cabinet Meeting in which many important decisions are likely to be taken.

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