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ChatGPT is a chatbot type of Artificial Intelligence which was developed in November 2022. The world is taken to a storm by the newly launched AI technology which can be accessed for free by the users. The process on How To Use ChatGPT along with the Step By Step Guide of ChatGPT have been mentioned in the post below. You can get a complete guide on ChatGPT, ChatGPT login, ChatGPT Website and other related information. Here in this post you will be able to know how to use ChatGPT for Android and iPhone users and ChatGPT Features. Go through the complete post to collect all the necessary information.

How to Use ChatGPT?

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer known as the ChatGPT has taken the world to storm from the day it has been launched. It is the AI language based model which is developed by the Startup OpenAI in San Francisco. The chat bot is available to be used free of cost by the users but can now be used only on the web browsers. There is no app available for the same on Android or iPhone smartphones. To use the ChatGPT users have to visit its official website which is It is based on the large language model which is very capable of understanding the human language. After being released in November 2022, it has gained a lot of popularity in the business world. ChatGPT can be used for free as well as the paid versions of the same are available. 

Now the question arises on How to Use ChatGPT? Smartphones are the most popular devices used by everyone. For the users ChatGPT is made free of use for both Android and iPhone users. But Open AI ChatGPT Login can be used only through the browser. There is no app developed till now to use the chat bot. The engineers are working on the same and it is expected that the ChatGPT will soon be made available to be downloaded from Play stores. ChatGPT can write essays for the students, write computer programs, compose music, play games, stimulate an ATM and can do various other things. It generally mimics human conversationalists. So for the users we have brought a detailed view on how to use the ChatGPT for Free.

Open AI ChatGPT Login

ChatGPT Features Sign Up @

ChatGPT is now made available for use on the web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and others. The ChatGPT Features have been mentioned below in the tabular form. The users can visit the table below to know about the necessary details.

Software Name Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 
Developed By Open AI
Developed In San Francisco
Chatgpt Sign
Chatgpt AlternativeGoogle Bard
Initial Release date November 2022
Stable Release date January 2023
Type of Software Chatbot
License Proprietary 
Post Type News 
Official Website

ChatGPT Login on

The ones who want to use the ChatGPT have to visit the initial website to get the benefit from it. The app version for this has yet not been released, the work is still going on and it is expected that it will be released soon. To do ChatGPT Login, the users have to visit the official portal on the web browser on any device and can sign up on the website to be able to use the app.

How To Open AI Chat GPT Mobile App

The ChatGPT is made to use on the web browser only by the users. The ChatGPT Mobile App is yet to be released. The makers are working to launch the free version of the mobile app soon on the Android and Apple smartphones. The Open AI Chat GPT Mobile App will be launched soon. Till then the users who want to get the ChatGPT Features can visit the official website to get the information. The users have to open any browser and Open AI ChatGPT Login to and signup if they have the account. But if the users don’t have the account, the users have to first create the account.

ChatGPT Step By Step Guide

The ones who want to use the Chatbot have to follow the ChatGPT Step by Step Guide on how to use the latest technology. In the below mentioned data we have provided the simple steps on how one can use the ChatGPT software.

  • Firstly open the website on your smartphone or laptop’s web browser.
  • Then click on the Try ChatGPT banner which appears on the top of the screen.
  • If you are a new user you have to create a new account using the phone number or email id.
  • Then click on signup to login using the credentials provided during account creation.
  • Then using the Open AI ChatGPT Login credentials the account will get verified first by sending the OTP on the mobile number or email id. 
  • Once the account is verified, you can proceed towards the further information asked from you.
  • Now you can use the ChatGPT Features which is free to be used by all.
  • Through the above said steps, one can easily use the ChatGPT. Chatgpt Advantages

The following are the Advantages:

  • It can be used by the users of any age due to its simplicity.
  • ChatGPT is very versatile to use, it mimics the human conversationalist.
  • In case one is planning a party, doing school assignments etc. every information can be given using the AI ChatGPT.
  • Enables to write lyrics of songs or poetry.
  • Computer programmes can be written as well as get debugged.
  • To prevent the basic outputs from being presented, any query in ChatGPT is filtered through OpenAI and it prevents any racist prompts.

Open AI ChatGPT Login, Sign Up Links

ChatGPT Login portalLogin Here
Chatgpt Sign UpSign Up Here
Our HomepageDPRMP.ORG

FAQs on How to Use Open AI ChatGPT

When was ChatGPT initially released?

ChatGPT was initially released in November 2022.

Is there any Open AI Chat GPT Mobile App?

No, there is no Open AI Chat GPT Mobile App. It has to be used in browsers only.

What is the Developer of ChatGPT?

The Developer of ChatGPT is OpenAI.

On which portal can ChatGPT be used?

The ChatGPT can be used through 

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