Israel-Palestine Conflict Live Updates: Everything you need to know

Israel-Palestine Conflict Live Updates: Everything you need to know: The Israel-Palestine conflict has been one of the most enduring and complex conflicts in modern history, marked by decades of tension, violence, and diplomatic efforts to find a lasting solution. As of October 9, 2023, the conflict is once again in the global spotlight, with Hamas and Israel engaged in a deadly exchange of hostilities. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the conflict, the root causes, and the potential path forward.

The Israel-Palestine conflict dates back to the late 19th century, with deep-rooted historical, religious, and territorial disputes. Key issues include the status of Jerusalem, the borders of Israel, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The current escalation began in early October 2023 when tensions in East Jerusalem flared up after a controversial court ruling involving Palestinian families facing eviction in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Protests and clashes quickly spread across the occupied territories, leading to a swift escalation. The attack of Hamas on Palestine has created a harsh environment in Israel which has led to upcoming war between the nations. In this article, we will explore what is the situation of ongoing war, and statement of Israel and other leaders of different nations, and the status of the decision of the UN Security Council.

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Hamas and Rocket Attacks

Hamas, the Palestinian militant group controlling the Gaza Strip, fired a barrage of rockets into Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These attacks led to significant damage and casualties, and now Israel has declared a state of war. On Saturday, 7th of October 2023 there were more than 5000 rockets fired from Gaza to Israel and militants have been set to fire by entering into Israel through gliders. There are several casualties and many people are injured. Now a state of war has been declared by Israel.

Israel-Palestine Conflict Live Updates: Everything you need to know

Cancellation of Asian Airlines towards Israel

Several Airlines in Asia have decided to cancel the flight to Israel. There is a severe condition in Israel, so to provide safety and security to passengers and airlines, there is a cancellation of many flights from Asia to Israel. All future flights are also canceled until the situation is normal.

Meeting of UN Security Council

There was a meeting held in the UN Security Council for the emergency due to the Israel and Hamas War but the session failed to get a consensus on the statement of all who were involved in the session. The council members condemn the Hamas but on the other side, diplomats said that the members of Russia are demanding for focus to condemn the armed group of Palestine. The meeting of the council lasted 90 minutes and it heard the instructions and information given by the UN Middle East Peace Envoy Tor Wennesland.

Iran Statement

Iran has given a statement about the ongoing Israel and Hamas War and Iran stated that it has not involved in the attacks which are launched by Hamas on Israel. Iran is in support of Palestine but they are not involved in the attack, as the attack is done by Palestine. This statement was given by Iran’s Official to the UN.

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Salvador President Statement

Nayib Bukele who is the president of El Salvador has stated that since El Salvador and Palestine both have good friendly relations with their ancestors and now he stated that the best thing that can happen to the people of Palestine is that the Palestinian people who are living in Hamas must disappear from Hamas. That beast who has attacked Israel doesn’t belong to Palestine.

Anyone who supports the cause of Palestine will make a mistake by getting on the side of criminals. Salvadorans are at the side of MS13 terrorist because they share friendly relations with the nation from their ancestors. The best thing which can happen t the nation is getting rid of the murderers and rapists and getting the good people to thrive. The people of Palestine should also do the same thing by getting rid of those criminals and getting good people thrive.

Israel sets 100,000 reserved troops near Gaza

An Israel Military Spoke person has stated that their country has set 100,000 reserved military troops near Gaza due to the ongoing war with Hamas. The military troops of Israel are set in southern Israel which is stated by Jonathan Conricus in a video which is posted over Twitter (X). In a Video Jonathan expressed that the job of our reserved troops is to make sure that at the end of this war, Hamas doesn’t have any military capabilities that might threaten Israel and its civilians, they will also ensure that the Gaza Strip will not be governed by Hamas. He also stated that the troops of Israel are knocking down the Palestinian fighters who have attacked the southern part of Israel.

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