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Rajgarh is a district in the Madhya Pradesh State which lies in the central region of India. Rajgarh has the District Administrative Headquarters of the District. In early times it was known as Jhanjhanipur and was ruled by the Bhils which is an ethinic group in India. Rajgarh district covers a total area of 6,157 Kilometre per square metre and has a population of 6,847,174 residents. The Rajgarh district is situated in the northern edge of the Malwa plateau and the river Parbati forms the eastern boundary of the Rajgarh on the other hand the Kali Sindh River makes the western boundary of the district.

The Rajgarh district consists of 7 tehsils which include Rajgarh, Khilchipur, Jirapur, Biaora, Narsinghgarh, Sarangpur and Pachore. The Rajgarh district contains around 1728 villages. The Rajgarh District Pincode is 465661 and the district is well connected to all the neighboring places through good and well paved road networks. There are a lot of tourist attractions and vast history which attracts many tourists from all around the world. In this article we have mentioned all the important details about the Rajgarh district that one needs to know before visiting this spectacular place.                                 

Rajgarh Madhya Pradesh

Rajgarh was created in the year 1948 in the month of May which includes the earlier princely states of Rajgarh, Narsinghgarh, Khilchipur and many other parts of the state of junior Dewas and the sarangpur tehsil and Indore city which is now part of Khilchipur tehsil. Most of the travellers are interested in Rajgarh, Khilchipur, Kotravihar, Narsinghgarh and Kurawar are majorly the places were the tourists like to visit. The district mostly has dry summer weather however the climate here is divided in four seasons mostly predominated by summers. The Rajgarh District was formed in the year of 1948 after the formation of Madhya Bharat. The most commonly spoken language is hindi. In the article we have given all the important details related to the Rajgarh district, to know more read the article given below.

History of the Rajgarh District, Madhya Pradesh

It is known that when Mughals ruled India a Khilat and a Sanat were given to Udaiji Of Tatanpur. In 1645, with the orders of Rajmata, Deewan Ajab Singh won over the Bhils in the hilly region of Rajgarh and he built a Palace in 1746 which was having5 main gates that was named, Itwaria, Budhwaria, Surajphul, Panradia and Naya Darwaja. Also, it has three very ancient mandirs namely Raj Rajeshwar Mandir, Chatubhujnathji Mandir and Narsingh Mandir, and in which the Queen and his 15-year-old son Rawat Mohan singh lived safely. Jhanjharpur which was the capital and it has a fort due to which this city is known to be Rajgarh and it has become famous throughout the nation.


Rajgarh, MP – Famous Places

The Rajgarh district in Madhya Pradesh is mainly famous for its religious places, its temple and the scenic beauty which captivates tourists from all around the world. The places here are known for its grandeur and many people love to visit here and spend their holidays with friends and family in Rajgarh. Not only this Rajgarh is also best known for its mouth-watering Madhya Pradesh cuisine. The street food here is a must try for all the food lovers and along with that there are many local markets which sell many good quality products at affordable prices.

Rajgarh News Today

  • Thieves Looted 7 Houses in a Row at a locality known as Adarsh Nagar.
  • Vehicle Robbed by Breaking Glass at a Highway in Rajgarh.
  • Many Villages in Rajgarh are going through flooding and MLA of the city has reviewed the situation. Proper Assistance is being given to them for it.
  • Driver slapped the Toll Employee in Rajgarh for unknown reasons.
  • Rajgarh Witnessed Heavy Rainfall Yesterday.

Madhya Pradesh Rajgarh Tourist Places

  • Shri Tirupati Balaji Temple:

This temple is famous worldwide. Every year lakhs of people come to Shri Tirupati Balaji Temple which lies in the south of India and visit this holy temple from all parts of the world. This Tirupati Balaji Temple is the exact replica of the temple in the south. This temple was made by a holy couple from Rajgarh District, Madhya Pradesh and gives a surreal experience to all the devotees whenever they visit the place.

Shri Tirupati Balaji Temple
  • Jalpa Mata Mandir:

This is an old, famous temple of maa durga which is located around 7 kms from the Rajgarh city and lies at the top of the mountain. The devotees have to climb the mountain to have darshan of durga maa in this temple. The King Umath of rajgarh, one known to worshipped here to protect the people of his kingdom after which the Durga Maa herself appeared here. During Navratri, every year a long Chunar of 1111 metre length is taken from the King’s Palace to this temple of Mata Rani.

Jalpa Mata Mandir
  • Sakha Shyam Ji Temple:

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which was built in the memory of Raja Sangram Singh also known as Shyam Singh by his better half named Bhagyawati. The temple is located in the village Kotra near the bank of Parvati river. The Maharaja died in the 16-17th century during the encounter with Haji Wali, who was a Mughal Soldier. This holy place contains many ancient sculptures and is truly a piece of art.

Sakha Shyam Ji Temple
  • Kundaliya Dam:

This dam was constructed in a very short time frame of 2 years near the Zirpur Village which is known as Kundaliya. The Kundaliya Dam was built to supply water to the farmers to irrigate their fields. This dam supplies water to 50 nearby villages and cities and solved the problem of water scarcity in many regions of the Rajgarh district.

Kundaliya Dam
  • Kapileshwar Mahadev Mandir:

This mandir is built in between the river Kalisindh and really known for its supernaturalism, natural divinity and religious faith of its devotees. The mandir is truly a unique specimen of the architectural art and was renovated 800 years ago by King Jeevaji Rao Panwar of Dewas. On the day of Kartik Purnima, a seven day fair is held every year in the grounds of this temple.

Kapileshwar Mahadev Mandir
  • Mohanpura Dam:

This dam has its own individuality that sets it apart from all of the dams in India as it is the only Dam in the entire nation which irrigates the fields with pressure. Also this the first long pipeline in the nation the Mohanpura Dam will irrigate around 1 lakh 37 thousand hectare of land in the area around Kalipath and is built on Nevaj River which is around 8 kms from Rajgarh.

Mohanpura Dam

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